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Bioinformatics Shared Resources

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute


This page list links to both internal and external servers

Internal links:

External links:

  • NCBI -- Most widely used US government/academic bioinformatics resource.
  • EBI -- European Bioinformatics Institute.
  • PDB -- Central repository of Protein and nucleic acid structures.
  • Ensembl -- European genomic resource.
  • UCSC/Golden Path -- Genomic assembly and annotation resource (David Haussler, Jim Kent at UCSC). 
    UCSC Genome Browser Training from
  • Expasy -- US mirror for Expasy (including protein database SwissProt)
  • JCSG -- Joint Center for Structural Genomics. A project to solve all protein structures from a target organism. The Bioinformatics Core is run by A. Godzik of the Burnham Institute.
  • PFAM -- Standard tool to annotate domains present in protein sequences.
  • TIGR -- Genomic resource.
  • Sanger Center -- European genomic resource.
  • SOURCE@Stanford
    -- place to get annotation for list of genes/probes (microarray riented)
  • KEGG -- Biochemical pathways resource.
  • ChemBank @Harvard -- Chemical Genomics resource with chemical libraries and screening assay data.
  • MicroArray Design and Analysis Guide -- well written and to-the-point introduction