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Bioinformatics Shared Resources

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute


PyMol is a sophisticated 3D visualization tool for creating publication- or presentation-quality images of molecular structures.

Some of its features include: atomic detail; secondary structure cartoons; preset coloring schemes; surfaces; simple charge on surfaces; stereographic 3D viewing (with appropriate equipment); cross-eyed 3D viewing; rendering with shadows, lighting (ray-tracing).

Molecular Structure Visualization and Presenation
Where? How?
Download executables from PyMol website . Run on local computer. Available for Mac/Windows/Unix.
PyMol website
Shareware, $50 suggested from academic users. Optional licensed copies with support are also available.
Local expertise
BSR: Kutbuddin Doctor

Technical Data

  • tested by BSR on: Window XP & Linux.
  • executable name:
  • system constraints: