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Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

HKL 1.98.2

HKL 1.98.2 is a collection of tools for crystallography: Denzo, XDisplayF, and Scalepack.

The HKL suite is a package of programs intended for the analysis of X-ray diffraction data collected from single crystals. It consists of three parts: XdisplayF for visualization of the diffraction pattern, Denzo for data reduction and integration, and Scalepack for merging and scaling of the intensities obtained by Denzo or other programs.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible, weighted, profile fitting algorithm for accurate measuring of the intensity of the diffraction spots 

  • Automatic indexing

  • Positional refinement  based on partially recorded reflections for high accuracy and computational stability 

  • Visualization of the data in the original form as well as the progress of data reduction

  • Scaling and merging of different data sets and global refinement of crystal parameters

Where? How?
HKL is maintained on the emu linux server. 
Last installation and version
The latest installed version is 1.98.2, installed on May 2, 2005.
Prior installations available

HKL webpage
Local expertise
IT: Martin Fleming

Technical Data

  • tested on: Linux Debian 3.1
  • Path: /usr/local/share/HKL_1.98.2
  • In default $PATH? no